Decentralized Exchange, Cross-chain Trading

22 Sep 2020

I. Overview

Conducting IEO on the FTX exchange, SERUM is a hot DeFi project in recent times, mainly for the following 2 reasons:

First, SERUM was the FIRST DeFi project to have an IEO. Most of the recent hot DeFis are available for sale in advance, but most Vietnamese users cannot participate. It is only when the coin is pumped a few times that people can access it. That's why the SERUM is so hot.

Secondly, SERUM is sponsored by FTX - a leading exchange in the period of 2019 - 2020. In addition, SERUM is also run on the Blockchain of Solana (SOL), which is one of the trending projects recently, with the ambition of being the "ETH killer”.

II. What problems does Serum solve?

In short, Serum promises to bring solutions to many of the problems that decentralized exchanges are facing. Serum will have speed from SOL, orderbook solutions from FTX (FTX is the team behind that backup for Serum), and have lending and borrowing features like DeFi.

With the use of SRM tokens to reduce fees, as well as regular coin burning, many users expect SRM tokens of the project to grow significantly.

III. Market Size

By solving many problems of DeFi, Serum will have the opportunity to capture $8.29 billion worth of market share. But to do that, Serum must have a strategy to compete with its rivals.