<aside> 📌 Internal page for Series A - **not to be shared with VCs. Remember:

  1. Create a dedicated inbox (eg firstname.lastname.1@company.com) for round-related emails
  2. All communication goes through this** ☝️ **email. You may share this with key people in your business who can quickly respond too emails whilst you are traveling & pitching.
  3. 30 min SLA on email response with VCs
  4. TOP TIP:** Always take a screenshot of your zoom call with investors. YOU WILL FORGET WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE, and some calls will have multiple faces. Paste each in the CRM whenever you’re meeting alongside your notes


Series A Data Room (Template)

Financial Model Changelog - Versioning Edits + Notes

🤝 Investor CRM

Useful Spreadsheets for Calculations:

Series A Investor CRM Template

Three things to ask investors in your first calls:

  1. Could you guide me through the basics of the fund? Your average cheque size, vintage, do you follow on at Series B typically?

    Every VC has a rehearsed answer for this, take notes on the numbers. The best out there will likely answer the remaining questions in this list as part of this intro so you can focus on your backgrounds and relationship.

  2. Have you been looking at our space for long? What are your thoughts on its winning direction? You’ll want to bring on your board someone who knows how to make you win. Often this is not just deploying capital, but championing the approach your company is taking to your category.

  3. What is your background and what led you into <fund name> Build some rapport with the human behind the fund, as those are the ones who’ll join you as board directors or observers. You won’t always meet partners in your first meeting, however always make an effort to understand the caliber of humans these people bring into their ranks. VC funds don’t have large numbers of staff, so the quality of people within the fund is also indicative to the qualify of talent they will introduce you once they invest.

  4. Are there any portfolio companies adjacent to us that could act as good references, or that have had similar growth challenges to the ones we’re likely to face? This is a question best suited for a follow up meeting. You’ll want to make sure your investors know how to support the type of company you are, for example an e-Commerce company, or SaaS for developers.