The NYC-based influencer and self-described comedienne, better known as @glamdemon2004 on TikTok. Host of the podcast "Let Me Ruin Your Life" and video series "Scamdalous."

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🎙️ Podcast Let Me Ruin Your Life is a podcast hosted by NYC-based influencer and self-described comedienne Serena Shahidi. With her strong opinions, quick wit, and education (okay, fine, her highest level of education is an associate’s in fashion design), Serena gives advice to her young-and-hopefully-not-too-impressionable TikTok-accumulated audience. Whether the topic at hand is related to lifestyle, dating, or fashion, Serena’s occasionally glamorous and always chaotic life will guide your way towards living the dream, or at least tricking the internet into thinking you are. Support this podcast:

📽️ TikTok Show Over on Bullish Studio's TikTok, Serena is the host of "[SCAMDALOUS](" — a new series about scammers, fraudsters and swindlers.

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