The right beautifully designed and implemented user interface can make all the difference in the world. The frontend exists at the edge, between the user and the system; it is the window by which one gazes into the soul of the software. At Rainway, we take our frontends seriously. If you live by the same philosophy, consider working for us.

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Why this Role?

  1. Build the next big thing: Rainway aims to bring desktop software to billions of new devices worldwide by creating new ways for developers to distribute and build their products. We are creating the world Xerox PARC imagined decades ago. You can help us realize this dream.
  2. Work with some of the best engineers in the world: A team of less than five from all over the world built technology that is used and trusted by some of the largest companies in the world. Learn from a team with decades of combined experience and share your own. We're stronger together.
  3. Join us at a magical time: You not only get to design and build one of our core products, but also help define the culture of the company as a whole.

About this Role

So, what will you do as a Senior Web Frontend Developer?

This might be for you if you have...