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Our friends matter to us more than we think. The quantity and quality of our friendships has a bigger influence on health, happiness and even mortality than anything except smoking. At Picnic, we believe the platforms that house these relationships today fall seriously short. Nowhere is this more true than group chats. We're building a next-gen social app, powered by group chat, to give friends the kind of online space they deserve.

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We are looking for a software engineer who loves creating products that people want to use. You understand that apps—and code—are for people, not for computers, and always strive to make our app and codebase more understandable and easy to use.

Our team is currently very small, so you will be working directly alongside the CTO. Our product is still rapidly evolving, you will contribute directly to the direction of our product and architecture, making our most ambitious product ideas a reality.

The Senior in our job title does not refer to how many years of experience you have (or your degree!), but to your general approach to development: you are able to think about the system and architecture as a whole, know enough about all aspects of the stack to effectively diagnose issues, and are able to pass your knowledge onto other members of the team.

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Take a look at Picnic Engineering - How we work for a detailed overview of our stack, approach & processes - we don't expect you to have experience with all of these.

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