What We're Looking For

We're looking for talented and experienced frontend engineers to join the early engineering team at Splitgraph. As a frontend engineer, you'll work closely with the founders and backend engineering team to deliver a cohesive product to our customers. You'll be responsible for the web stack, which includes technologies like TypeScript, React, next.js, Postgraphile, OpenResty, apollo-client, and tools like Docker and GitLab CI.

You'll be an early engineering hire at a company that understands the value of solid software engineering. We have automated tests, deployments, alerting and monitoring in place and are able to go from a code change to it running in production in less than an hour. This all will let you spend your time doing work that actually matters instead of fighting the stack.

Who You Are


As we're an early stage company, no two days are the same at Splitgraph and your responsibilities will vary a lot. Here's some of the things you'll get to do: