We believe that the software revolution is just getting started and that improving people's understanding of software is critical to building a healthier and more humane society.

To that end we're starting by building the debugger of our dreams. Replay is a time traveling debugger that makes finding, fixing and talking about bugs faster and more enjoyable. Replay is cross-browser (Firefox, Chrome), and cross platform (Browser, Node).

This is just the beginning. Not only do we want to bring Replay to every runtime, we want to fundamentally change how people interact with software:

  1. Developers should be able to have deeper insights into their software
  2. Technical team members should have more context into their team's software
  3. Non-technical team members should find software more accessible and approachable

Replay is a distributed company, founded by people who have spent many years working on fully distributed teams. We work across the globe, so we focus less on hours and more on building a great product. We build for the long term: it's a relay, not a sprint.

The Opportunity

Replay is a complicated system. No one has ever built something like this. In this role you will helped build, operate and monitor all of the backend systems that are needed to record and replay recordings, from a distributed execution engine (ask us about our love of fork(3)) to a video streaming service. You'll work alongside a team of dedicated, empathetic engineers. We don't build things in a vacuum: everything you work on will be directly tied to a user need, or a need of one of your coworkers.

You Will

Things our backend engineers have done recently:

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