As a Senior Product Manager at Trinsic, you'll have the opportunity to redefine how people around the world interact with their personal data and manage their identity. You'll be making the world and its useful services more accessible to people who desperately need it. The work you do will have a large, direct impact on both Trinsic and the world.


You’ll join us in researching customer problems and defining product improvements from the open source standards, and partnerships our platform needs. We try to hire people who will do the work of their lives at Trinsic. That person will:

Ideally you’ll also have:

Within the first 30 days, you’ll have met our customers and worked with the CPO to define your first few product improvements. By 60 days, we expect you to be researching and defining new product improvements autonomously and by 90 days we expect you'll be irreplaceable because of your knowledge and domain expertise in your respective product stream.

For information about compensation, please read our Compensation Philosophy. Salary will depend on seniority and geography. We are not sponsoring visas or hiring outside of USA for this role.