<aside> ✅ April 14, 2022: This position is no longer available. You can still apply as a “create your own role”


Hi 👋!

We are Bûmerang, a tech startup implementing circular economy solutions to eliminate single use plastic in the takeaway and delivery food sector with innovative reusable solutions. And hey, we are B-Corp!

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As of March 2, 2022 , Bumerang has avoided +50.000 residuos, the equivalent to 2000kg of single use plastics.

🤩 ¿Why we need you?

We need to take our product to the next level 🚀

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Lead frontend development at Bumerang, prioritize features, evolve into a Tech Lead



Bumerang is a reusable packaging startup who is pioneering the circular packaging space in Spain, we have developed a platform to track reusable packaging through a QR code system and mobile apps. You will be responsible for the frontend development of the digital products: Mobile apps, backoffice and APIs design.

Essential requirements