Maxia is an AI company on a mission to improve the analytics of every business. Using smart technology, Maxia takes data and AI problems that are often confusing, opaque and expensive to solve and builds products that are simple, transparent, and low-cost. We’re looking for experienced, Engineers to join Maxia and help us grow.


At Maxia, we strive to make everyday a good, valuable work experience, where team members are encouraged, supported, and given the chance to do work that is meaningful to them. We offer you:


You'll be contributing to, and taking ownership of the code that we use across our stack, which includes web services and machine learning workflows built on top of and integrated with many components of the Google Cloud Platform. You'll be adding new functionality and helping design the architecture our platform, and you'll help choose the right tools and solutions to keep our code and infrastructure quality high, our dev team productive, and our customers happy.


There are multiple open roles, and we are looking for people with a variety of skills and interests:

🕸️ Web