Within The Good Stream network we have direct lived experience of what self-management gives to individuals and organisations. We know how to go about the hard work required to make and embed the change. We offer some observations and thoughts that will help the conversations needed to get you going.


Where are you now?

Our businesses and organisations have many different ways of organising and getting the work done. For the majority, strategy and control is centralised. Information is asymmetrical and barriers exist throughout the organisation that stop creativity working for the business goals and individual voice. Top-down management and managers are the norm.

This is an 'organisation as a machine' where work was linear, narrow and required little flexibility of thought. Centralised control through power, control and fear. A closed value system. But there is another way.

Where do you want to get?

The new, and growing way, to organise and operate as a business is through the principles of self management. This is not new and has been the operating model for some notable and successful large and small businesses around the world. All of these businesses share a common thread - all their people are free to manage their own work, organise with their team, and make their own decisions for the good of the business purpose. There are no managers in there traditional sense and every person is empowered to bring their strengths to build value for their organisation.

This is an 'Organisation as Nature', where work has ambiguity, is heuristic, and works in feedback loops. It is distributive control by nature. A shared value system.

Questions on self-management

To start this very human process there are some good questions to ask. Let's take these questions one at a time. Tap on a square below 👇


Become people positive through self-managing principles

To condense the potential of becoming a self-managing organisation we have put together this primer slide deck. get in touch and we can chat some more about our direct experience;


[Feel free to share a browser version of this presentation, here](https://pasteapp.com/p/sD2p5rEWm5e?view=JQV9CTsVDxu)

Feel free to share a browser version of this presentation, here

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