element14 | Self Driving Car (Automatic Lane Detection) (on a Robot)

My Robo

My Robo



The idea:

I wanted to create a quick project that can demonstrate the power of computer vision and its applications in real world. With the advancement in the self driving technology I wanted to create a small scale working model of an actual car inspired by Tesla.

Tesla basically follows lanes on highways/roads to go from one place to another with help of GPS. We are not going to create a full self driving car overtaking model but a lane follower will be the first step to driving autonomously.




The hardware:

I wanted to create a small scale lane following car using computer vision. So i immediately thought about Raspberry Pi and camera along with a Robot Chassis.

  1. Raspberry Pi 2 or newer (I used Pi 3B+ because it was laying around)
  2. Raspberry Pi camera color (I used the v1 also laying around)
  3. Robot Chassis (I used a chassis i had made with some acrylic sheets some time ago. Any can work)
  4. L298/L293D motor driver (i used L298 as it is more powerful and was already mounted on the robo)
  5. Battery (LiPo for motors and a powerbank for Pi)
  6. SD Card
  7. Wires, Glue Gun, Other tools