<aside> 👩🏻‍💼 Segura is developed specifically for campus community's safety and well-being and to facilitate the institute's phased resumption of operations after it hit a halt due to COVID 19. It compliments the zoning strategy on campus and helps facilitate contact tracing.



The COVID-19 pandemic hit everyone hard and affected our day to day lives. As a response to the spread of disease everything was shut down and people were forced inside home. Education too was largely affected, schools and colleges were shut down and forced to operate online. But as the pandemic has subsided it was important to design solutions so that they can begin operations safely.

IIT Roorkee is a residential college with over 10000+ people living on campus including teaching and non-teaching staff and students. With such high population density, it is very prone to COVID-19 outbreak if not administered properly. Last time when the students returned to campus, the cases on campus peaked at 180 which let to shutting down once again. Our team was approached to design a solution for safe reopening of college so that such an instance can be avoided.

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Problem Statement

To design a solution for safe reopening of college that facilities prevention of spread of COVID, contact as well as movement tracking, and monitoring basic health status.

Future Goal: Developing this into campus health care app with all the institute's health facilities and their tracking inculcated in the app

Understanding the User

For research work the users were divided in three major segments according to the probable use cases of the application. Those were:

I conducted user interviews for people from each of these categories tailoring questions according to their context and common user personas representing each of these was made. I tried to stress on their previous experience of campus reopening, the problems they faced and what they feel needs to be done differently this time to avoid mass spread again.

Interaction with College Administration

The interaction with college administration gave unique insights to how did they view campus reopening and the problems associated with the same.


Interaction with College Security Staff