Company Description

Kyso is a central knowledge hub for sharing and collaborating on technical reports posted by the company's data scientists, engineers & analysts, so everyone can read and learn from the generated insights.

Kyso is compatible with the standard data science tools - specifically, we render Jupyter notebooks elegantly so that these reports are easier to discover and understand, even for non-technical audiences, making these insights from data more widely available across organizations so that companies can scale their data-driven decision-making.

On the technical side, we integrate with Github so that data teams can deploy notebooks to Kyso automatically when they commit to Github so that they retain version control.

Job Brief

We are in the process of building out our library of templates - these are ready-made boilerplates for various data science tasks that are designed to allow new teams to get their reports deployed as quickly as possible. An example of such templates can be found below:

Ultimately, these templates will help us reach our target audience by delivering valuable information about how Kyso can help companies begin to apply knowledge gained from data towards greater business value, by showcasing the endless use-cases teams can avail of.

As such, Kyso is looking for Content Creators to write various pieces of technical content for this template library to drive brand awareness and leads.


Note that our own team at Kyso will handle:

Your responsibilities will include: