The most important thing for every investment platform is a security measures.

Midas treats security as on of the main priorities, that is why Midas.Investments was not hacked during its existence from 2018.

The way we build Midas.Investments was to stay away from passwords.

Passwords are outdated and do not provide the required level of security, while decreasing overall user experience. That is why we have two easy ways of login: Discord and Gmail.

Both this services have a security worth a few hundred thousand dollars. Plus they have 2FA, IP-validation check and many other security layers built in the services.

<aside> 💡 If you want to increase the security of your account, enable 2FA for your discord or gmail account that you use for Midas login.


Midas.Investments have extra three layers of your funds defence built in the platform.

The first one is an e-mail verification for every withdrawal.

If a hacker got access to your account he is not able to withdraw your funds on his address without e-mail confirmation.

The second layer is our 2FA that requires a code from e-mail on login.

The third layer is an automatic sign out each 7 days.

Keep in mind, that your personal security depends not only on our actions, but yours also.

There are two parts of any crypto-investment platform that can be compromised: wallets and database.


Midas has cold (offline) and hot (online) wallets.