Secret Doubt Club in a nutshell

How to run the breakout session?

  1. Kick-off with introductions:

    <aside> 💡 To avoid confusion, plan the order, and let each other know who'll be next to speak. For instance, you can say, “I will start to introduce myself, and after I'll pass on to Maria to introduce herself.”


  2. Start with an icebreaker:

  3. Move onto conversation:

<aside> ☝ Each breakout session is scheduled for 40 minutes. Time goes quickly, so don't be shy and make sure you all get to say something. 🤗 Be sure to share your experience, not your advice.


<aside> ☝ Important: each of us has a max of 10 minutes for our own challenge. Please, be sure that your challenge it's well defined and not super-complex 🤗


  1. What is the most valuable outcome that you're taking from this session? What are you leaving this meeting with? Share 2-3 points in your group, and, if you like, during the closing session to the whole group.