<aside> 🥈 We are excited to announce that there will be additional opportunities and the last chance to win a spot at Phase I of our Hult Prize 2023 Global Accelerator.


The Second Chance Round is the last opportunity for Hult Prize startups to make it to Phase I of the 2023 Global Accelerator. Up to eight startups will be selected to join the Summits’ winners in the next phase of the competition.

This opportunity is exclusive to startups that have completed their Summits Milestones Submissions, participated in one of our summits and DID NOT WIN.

The selection process will be as follows:

  1. Shortlisting: Hult Prize will make a list of eligible startups.
  2. Scoring: A new panel of judges will meet to evaluate your milestones and share their recommendations with Hult Prize.
  3. Decision: Hult Prize will select the eight startups based on the panel of judges’ scores and diversity
  4. Announcement: Selected startups will be informed to join Phase I of the Global Accelerator.

You do not need to apply for the Second Chance Round Path, but instead, you will have to qualify and be eligible for it - to be considered. Please make sure you understand the opportunities thoroughly because you may just be the one!


Period 1st June - 24th June
Result Announcement End of June - Early July
Digital Accelerator kickoff 10th July

Eligible Startups:

Keep an eye on further announcements about our Second Chance Round.