We have reached MVP which is a rather simple implementation of discord private channels, custom roles and Carl-bot. We have to think very hard and deep right now to build a high quality product.

Forum post:

Request for comments -- First Quest -- Onboarding New Members Season 2

Problem(s) and Research

Problems and Research in First Quests

Season 2 Focus

  1. Move first quest channels to Degen DMs.
  2. Establish a framework for members onboarding that is BUIDL to last, and implement.

Season 2 stretch goals

  1. Salaried Social Media Presence
  2. Reach MVP for first quest landing site
    1. First Quests for the guilds that are ready
  3. Crypto mentors to do the heavy lifting for regular DAO mentor sessions
  4. Analytics to integrate
  5. Think about, spec out and complete the different onboarding experiences: metaverse, browser game, notion page, treasure hunt

Season 2 will not implement these, perhaps season 3

  1. Complete game design and story boarding
  2. Translation to languages other than English
  3. Help desks