Players will need to choose one hex to place their Outpost. After selection is done, changing the location of the Outpost resets technology progress. Can only have 1 Outpost per wallet.

<aside> 💡 Mech required to buy land in Pre Sale. Mech not required to buy land in General Sale. 1 Mech is required to play (public lands which will not be enabled until all private lands are sold). 1 Mech + 1 hex (to put outpost) to play in private lands. 1 + 2 any other hex to play to build the Spaceship in private lands. Lands DO NOT have to be next to each other See secondary market if minting for mechs is currently not ongoing


<aside> ❗ NOTE: Must use a Wallet with Dapp Connector (Browser extensions only like Nami, CCVault/Eternl) for Land Sale


Sale Process

Total Hexes = 5000 for sale (private lands) + 2000 (public lands) left for exploration and late entrants in game.

Phase 1 - Presale: Discount Rate of 25ADA (+gas fee 2ADA) - up to 1000 Hexes

Full platoon holders will have option to choose up to 10 hexes Regular mech holders will have option to choose up to 3 hexes

During this phase, location of hexes on map and biome type is UNKNOWN

Phase 2 - General Sale: Rate 50ADA (+ gas fee) - 5000 hexes

You will have 10 Minutes to select lands and send minting transaction before your session will expire. Be strategic, study the map and lore before hand.

If you are a Land Winner from one of our contests we will send you your land on day of Mint.

If you are a Whitelist winner, you will be able to make a transaction of up to 5 Land mints guaranteed.

If you are a presale token holder, you will be able to convert your token into a Land for dust fee only. You will not be able to select it, instead it will be given to you at random. "Claim X Tokens". You need to have the presale token lands in your Dapp Connected wallet and run a Transaction to swap them.

If you are using the map to strategize note the following areas will not be mintable: