Here are my thoughts on framing what OCM DAO is doing in Season 1 around our theme of “Brand and Community Building” and what it means to me—

Quick Background

OCM has brought together an incredible community of investors, builders and creators who hold a common vision of building a better world through the power of collective action. We aim to create opportunity and social impact (”doing well and doing good”). Our members share the core values of Respect, Integrity, Sustainability, Experimentation (RISE).

With ~2000 ETH in its treasury, the OCM DAO activates and empowers our community to turn this vision into reality, in close partnership with Metagood (the venture-backed company that created OCM).

It Starts with Season 1

Season 1 for our DAO is all about laying a stronger foundation for our long-term vision.

Our Season 1 theme is "Brand and Community Building" and at a high-level we seek to:

So how does this translate into real ideas and projects you can do and get funding for? For inspiration, check out this page for ideas already discussed by OCM community members:

Prop Idea Starters

You Will Bring Season 1 to Life

Of course all of the above is just one Monkey’s opinion… 🐵