Use issue search to quickly find issues.

General search

There are two ways to search across all issues in a single workspace. First, use the command menu. Press Cmd/Ctrl K and start typing the issue ID or title to bring up the issue, then select it to open it.

Alternatively, use the built-in search bar in the sidebar. Type / to move your cursor to the search and then type your query. Pull up a specific issue by entering its *issue ID* or query for words or multiple words. We fuzzy search your query over the *issue ID*, title, and description, enabling deeper discovery. We support lazy typing which forgives some typos and means that entering *lin1142* instead of *LIN-1142* ****will still bring up the intended issue. Press Esc to clear the search and show all of your issues.

Search board or list view

Type Cmd/Ctrl F to search for issues within the specific list or board you're viewing. The search bar will appear in the top right next to the issue creation button. This search function does not support lazy typing so you'll need to type the exact issue ID or words in the issue title. Press Esc to clear the search and show all of your issues.

<aside> ✨ ProTip: Search is even more powerful when combined with filters, which will reduce the list to relevant issues.


Keyboard Shortcuts

/ for general search

Cmd/Ctrl F to run content search over list or board

Esc to clear search results

Cmd/Ctrl K to search using the command menu. Simply start typing your search query.