The mission of the Scottish Founders Survey is to highlight the views, experiences, and perceptions of early-stage founders based in Scotland. The first of these surveys is focused on the investment landscape in Scotland. Through the survey, we hoped to showcase what’s working, identify what needs improvement, and give founders a voice when it comes to the funding journey.

As this is a survey based on questions about opinions and perceptions, we have attempted to add context where possible. The summaries here should be seen as highlighting the opinions held by individual members in our ecosystem, making them important to engage with, whether they are subjective or objective.

Below you will find a table of contents & executive summary of the findings and links to sections that dive into deeper detail.


📜  Summary

Top-level highlights of the report.

The State of the Investment Space in Scotland

Founder experiences and perceptions of Scottish investors, and comparisons to other landscapes.

Scottish Founders’ Favourite Investors

Specific reflections on the investors who were the most highly regarded by repondents to the survey.

Advice to Fellow Founders

Summaries and examples of the advice that founders were asked to provide to one another.


The founder ecosystem in Scotland is as diverse as the types of businesses we collectively produce, fund, and grow. While there are outliers, there is common feedback regarding specific investors and the general landscape.

Quantitative Highlights

⭐️⭐️⭐️  Average score for Founder Sentiment

👍  76.43% of respondents would recommend their investor to other founders

🌍  61.2% of respondents have investors from outside of Scotland