Most scores below are all given in terms of kan (貫 or arch. 環, 12 points). Some rulesets report in terms of points instead (as multiples of 10) but I have divided these by 10 so the scores are comparable; the base unit is noted in the database.

The data is stored in the following database:

Scoring Schedules Data

Sources left to add:

  1. 八々秘伝 : 百戦百勝, by 弄花散史, 1890 [TODO!!!]
  2. ~~婦女手芸法, 1893 (this has no teyaku)~~ might not be about 88

手役 (Hand Yaku)

Name Meaning Japanese
Sanbon 3 of a kind 三本
Tatesanbon 3 in Wisteria, Iris, Clover, or kasu of Paulownia 立三本/ 竪三本 / たて三本
Kuttsuki/Sarashi/San-sō/Aiai 3 pair 喰付 (食付) / ク[ッ]ツキ / クツッキ / く[っつツ]つき / 三双 / 相合
Futa-sanbon 2 sanbon 二三本/ふた三本
Teshi 4 of a kind 手四 / てし
Haneken / Kengin / Yakoken 3 of a kind and 2 pair はねけん(三) / 二二三 / けんぎん / 八子ケン / 跳劒 / 羽見(ン)三 / ハネケン
Ichi-ni-shi 4 of a kind and pair 一二四 / 一弐四 / 一にし
Shi-sō 4 and 3 of a kind 四三 (しそう) / 𛁈さう
Sanbon–Tatesanbon sanbon & tatesanbon 三本立三本
Futa–Tatesanbon 2 tatesanbon 二立三本
Aka ≥2 tanzaku, rest kasu 赤 / あか / アカ
Tan-Ichi 1 tanzaku, rest kasu 短一 / 丹一 / タン一 / 丹・1
Tō-ichi 1 tane, rest kasu 十一 / 10・一
Pika-Ichi (Hikari-Ichi, Mai-Ichi) / Gacha 1 bright, rest kasu 光一 / ひかり一 / ガチャ / がちや/ ピカ・1
Karasu all kasu 空巣 (空素) / カラス / からす
Nana-tan all tanzaku 七短/七たん
Kinkira or Gingira no kasu きんきら/ぎんぎら/キンキラ
Ichi-mai-zō ??? 一枚増
dealt 5 brights i.e. the dekiyaku dealt
dealt 4 brights i.e. the dekiyaku dealt
Zoro akatan, aotan, or 4 brights dealt ゾロ

Teyaku group 1 (sets based)

Scoring Schedules Data

<aside> ℹ️ If a 3-of-a-kind becomes a 4-of-a-kind during play, score another 1 kan or 10 points. (Diving: 飛込) When Shi-Sō is scored, the hand is not played.

Ry’s sheet has a dealt su-ichi!

花かるた憲法 says shisō is 30 kan from active players and 20 kan from everyone else.

Reveal all cards that count towards the yaku (so for haneken, 1–2–4, and 4–3, reveal all cards).

1988 Ephemera gives explicit teyaku for being dealt dekiyaku (called 大将 taishō hands):

Blue box ephemera has a yaku for 2 pairs! (2 kan)


Teyaku group 2 (kasu-based)

Scoring Schedules Data

<aside> ℹ️ All rain cards (November) count as kasu for the purposes of these yaku. Reveal all kasu. All except Pika-Ichi increase by one kan/10 points if you score ≥ 89 points.


出来役 (dekiyaku)

Name Japanese Meaning