An after-school, safe, and engaging community for language learning


You are the greatest destiny enabler of thousands of people and the key that unlocks their potential. You make your learners grow in knowledge, skills, and confidence. You make them resilient, creative, and productive in society.

You are responsible for changing lives and need to be appreciated for that, and have the environment and tools to support you in your great mission.


Language learning could be a tediously long process that requires determination, persistence, and patience. Not every student has the qualities to be able to stay the course for a couple of years. Such student needs to have both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations for that.

Some people believe that traditional schools or even existing online language learning approaches do not provide enough extrinsic motivation for the student. In addition, there is an enormous amount of distractions for the student, both internal (psychological) and external (environmental) that make the journey of learning a language even harder.


In SpeakWiz we provide a safe, controlled, and supervised environment for the students to grow faster in their language skills and build companionship, both during school and especially after they leave the safe premises of the school.


We build global communities of language learners with different mindsets and points of view. With SpeakWiz language learning is interest-based, directly tied to emotions to make every learning experience memorable, and gamified to keep students engaged.


We are eager to see what your students achieve using SpeakWiz. Take "SpeakWiz for Schools" to a test drive! or contact us with questions, suggestions, or comments

Thank you for reading, and for helping us build an amazing community! 🙏🏽