We use CRON tasks to schedule notebooks, find the syntax you need to on:

A job shouldn't last more than one hour, split your work :)


Send in production this notebook and run it, every day at 9:00 :

naas.scheduler.add(cron="0 9 * * *")

Other Notebook

You can also give a path to the function and that will deploy this file instead of the current one.

naas.scheduler.add(path="path/to/my/super/notebook.ipynb", cron="0 9 * * *"


notif_down : Receive an email when the notebook run fails.

notif_up : Receive an email when the notebook runs well.

next_url : Url to call when the notebook success, it can be any service even if an Notebook API

params = {"notif_down": "", "notif_up": ""}

naas.scheduler.add(cron="0 9 * * *", params=params)


naas.scheduler.add(cron="0 9 * * *", debug=True)


You can list all version of a file pushed into the production folder:

Current file