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200+ RESPONSIBLE brands,  artisans, projects & non-profit organisations, directories, communities, clothing, beauty, homeware, art&craft material, jewellery, food, sex, tech, stationery, apps, renting services & second hand from all over.

Each project on the list addresses responsible consumption differently, supporting one or multiple matters. You can sort the contents by value, place, price, craftmanship, manufacture and certification to find the features that best reflect your beliefs.

A living project that changes, improves, and develops over time. Its goal is to grow with the support of all of you: If you have brands suggestions, you are a small brand/artist or artisan, you write articles on responsible consumption, or you want to help me source info and improve the list, please send me an e-mail on rossella.petrini@icloud.com or click on the ghost below. This project needs your support!


Ps. Being the list still a work in progress curated by one person only, some info may miss. I apologise for that in advance. If you notice something is missing, please get in touch!

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The goal of this project is to grow with the support of ALL OF YOU. Click below to become a contributor.