How to load the completed Coded scripts into our system

When you have gathered in your pupils' completed answer sheets you need to scan, upload and check them. The process consists of these steps:

  1. Scan the sheets as pdf file(s)

  2. Check the quality of the scans in the pdf file(s)

  3. Select the right task on your account

  4. Upload the scans

  5. Check the uploaded scans

(Please note that if you are using an in-house task without Codes, then you should refer to this guide)

  1. Check for missing Codes

  2. Check for duplicates

  3. Double check the uploaded scans

  4. Check page numbers for each of the candidates

Step 1: Scan the sheets

You should be able to use any modern photocopier for the scanning. You need to set the output to be pdf.

You can scan the files in as many batches as you wish, as long as each pdf file generated is less than 40Mb in size. We would recommend batches of up to 120 pages, depending on file size.

Ideally scan each class group into one pdf for ease of administration.

Please note: