Preliminary Schedule* & Details

*This is a preliminary schedule to give a more comprehensive view on what to expect for the programme - the final schedule will depend on the availability of each peer. Group sessions will be scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance. You can expect 3 fireside chats and 3 panels across the 3 months

<aside> 💡 Fireside Chats and Panels are meant to inspire, generate ideas and share best practices from seasoned leaders in VC



KasZek is undoubtedly LatAm's leading VC firm and has a strong track-record supporting their companies, from early stage to pre-IPO. Sergio Furio of Creditas famously referred to KasZek as "the co-founder I never had".

Brian Requarth is a successful founder with a multi-million dollar exit - Viva Real - under his belt. KasZek has invested in him and he has been a successful angel investor for several years. Brian is now building a new accelerator programme and community for Latam founders called Latitud.

Jeff is CEO of Kauffman Fellows, the leading network and the "MBA for VCs". He will give an insider's perspective on some of the key insights of the Kauffman fellowship - how to identify your zone of genius and how to build trust-based network amongst different stakeholders in the industry.


Date: July 28th, 4.30pm CL

Pat, Antoine and Brynne will discuss the nitty gritty parts of the often complicated entrepreneur - VC relationship, such as how to find your sweet spots on boards as well as on periodic calls. They will also discuss what VCs and entrepreneurs each find most important to making this relationship fruitful and mutually beneficial in the long-term.

Date: August 5th, 5pm CL