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What to expect in a Scale VC cohort?

  1. Apply below. The timeline varies, but at the latest, we will get back to you within a month from our cohort start date. The application can take minutes to hours.

    Scale Cohort IV Application

    <aside> 💡 Tips: We look for authenticity in the responses. There is no right or wrong answer, but we care deeply about your traits, habits, and characteristics. Some examples:


  2. We will follow up with the next steps via email, which includes an invite code to take the DISC personality assessment here. This is roughly 10-20 minutes.

  3. Additional information will be requested before the interview, and potentially an additional call to run through diligence questions.

  4. The follow-up from step 3 will include times to schedule a 20-30 minute interview with Willy Schlacks and Brett Calhoun. This interview will include all founders on the team. There will be no formal agenda or pitches allowed. Our team will dive into how you think about the customer, the problem, who the team is, and what you’ve accomplished to date.

  5. Generally, it will take us no longer than a week to send out acceptances post-interview. We will call and email the founders for their acceptance into Scale. 🎉

  6. There will be a call to talk about our investment offer.

  7. Offer documents will be sent to sign, and onboarding instructions will be sent to prep for the Scale cohort.

Cohort IV Timeline

  1. Application (due by April 7th)
  2. DISC Personality Assessment (given no later than April 10th)
  3. 30-Minute Interview With Our Team (no later than the week of April 10th)
  4. Acceptance (no later than April 21st)
  5. Cohort Starts (May 1st)

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