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As part of the DIY Nous method for saving money on household utilities, this is a step-by-step approach after you have named your energy supplier and double-checked the terms of your contract with them.

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Can I cancel this service?

Unless you’re going to live in the woods, you probably aren’t thinking about cancelling your energy supply, and there are even mandatory standing charges for being connected to the grid.

Can I reduce this service?

If you want to reduce your energy usage and save money that way, check out our energy-reducing tips.

How to save money

Unless you’re on a fixed deal that started some time ago, most households are likely on their providers default or standard variable tariff “SVT” so will pay the Energy Price Guarantee rates from October 1st.

At the time of writing, there aren’t any open market energy deals cheaper than the price cap. We will continue to monitor the market and inform our users if this changes.

<aside> ℹ️ Our advice is not to switch provider at the moment, as you are unlikely to find a cheap energy deal. If you’re offered a deal from your existing provider, do your research to make sure its right for you.


If you are struggling

The rising cost of living has already affected millions of households and if you’re struggling to pay essential bills, you’re not alone.

Some households may need urgent or more specialist help than we can provide. If you’re unable to pay a bill, the first step is to contact your provider and tell them. They are best placed to make sure you are receiving any financial assistance you may be entitled to.

<aside> 🆘 See the list of specialists at Cost-of-living resources


Last updated: August 2022

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