<aside> ⚡ The Azov Regiment is part of the National Guard, which is subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is not a political organisation.



<aside> 📌 Azov is a military unit that plays an important role in resisting the russian genocidal invasion and therefore suffers from continued information attacks by russian propaganda (the same one that says the whole Europe should be nuked).


This page was put together by Alona - a russian speaker from Eastern Ukraine - the same region where, according to russian propaganda, “Ukrainian nationalists are carrying out genocide of russian speakers”. Alona prays every day for her family not to be rescued by the russians.

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This photo was taken by 26-year-old Dmytro Kozatsky, a fighter of the Azov Regiment. He defended Mariupol since the first days of the invasion. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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