Role: Growth, Sales and Marketing


🤔 What did you do before you came to Zetl?

I grew up in parts of Asia and Europe, and moved to Hong Kong in 2015. I started my career in hospitality, but soon found myself passionate about startups. For the past 6 years I’ve worked in business development for startups in the hospitality, beauty and jewellery industry and even started my own.

☺️ Anything you’re proud of/achievements in your time so far here?

I’m incredibly proud of the dedicated, trusting and supportive team that Zetl has. Not only have they been incredibly welcoming, but without them Zetl wouldn’t be where it is today.

👏 Why did you decide to join Zetl?

I was eager to join Zetl because I’ve experienced the pain of not being paid for your work. I was impressed with the co-founders mission to finance the next generation of businesses so that no one else can feel the pain of not being paid.