Founders and sales teams can use these Startup Sales Tools to accurately gauge the likelihood of a deal closing, identify common traits and patterns around successful customers, and answer critical questions about your sales funnel.

The tools cover the end-to-end sales process — from choosing your GTM motion to closing your first deal. Each topic below includes a:

Picking a Sales Motion

You'll also want to pick the right sales motion for your business. Does it make sense to target developers through a bottoms-up approach? Or is your product better suited for selling top-down to the C-suite? If it's a mix, what does that process look like?

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Define Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

First, define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and who your prospective User and Buyer Personas are. Think you already have this figured out? To double check, see if you can answer all the questions below:

ICP & Personas Template

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Next, hone your messaging to make sure your outreach resonates with your ICP. Part of ensuring your outreach is successful and gets the response you want is having the right outreach message.

Outreach & Messaging Template

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Starting the Sales Process: Qualification & Discovery


Qualify the prospect before the call to make sure it fits your ICP. Here are a few areas you might qualify against:

Prospect Qualification Checklist