How is Salary Calculated

Leave Policy


Example 1: An intern works 20 hours/week. 80 hours a month (instead of working full time 160). It’s not fair for us to pay him for 16 hours of paid leaves (10% of 160). Instead we pay him for 8 hours of paid leaves (10% of 80).

Example 2: An admin works for 10 hours a week. 40 hours/month. His paid leave will be 10% of his total hours in a month which would be equal to 4 hours. We don’t want someone who works less to get more paid leave as someone who works full time. This would be fair to everyone.

Example 3: An Employee works 176 hours/month. He would get 17.6 hours of paid leaves (10% of 176) which is equal to more than 2 days of paid leaves.

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