<aside> ⭐ SAFEPOINT allows users to view where near-misses are happening across the road network. It shows information about the possible cause and intensity of near-misses.


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Key Functions

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Search function

To select a location on the map,  you can type the road, LGA, or location of interest by typing it directly into the search bar. Alternatively, you can manually scroll and zoom on the map to find points of interest.

The numbered clusters on the map indicate the number of near-misses detected within a geographical area. You can zoom in and out to change the size of the clusters.

<aside> 2️⃣ Tip: You might notice that the individual data-points are different shades of red. This is used to further differentiate accidents with higher G-force readings - the darker the red, the more intense the G-force.


Changing the date range

To change the date range, click the pencil button located in the Road Selection Panel under the Date Range heading. Click once to select a start date, and click once more on your end date. The date range you have selected will appear in the Road Selection Panel by displaying the day, month, and year.


There are 2 filtering options: