This bubble plugin allows you to add multiple domains and multiple subdomains to your bubble app. This plugin solves one of the biggest limitations of Bubble.

To use this SaasAlias you will need two plugins:

Plugin for creation of config's:

Plugin to deploy:

Link to working app:

Link to editor:

You will need both the SaasAlias - Multiple Domains and SaasAlias - Config Generator plugin.

If you want instant subdomains (if you can wait 10-15 seconds between creation and using you don't need the plugin), you will also need the ssl plugin:

If you want instant subdomains point your domain to netlify dns. It should give you a wildcard ssl certificate that you can apply.

Setup the plugin

  1. Install SaasAlias plugin on your app
  2. Go to Plugins and go to SaasAlias

  1. Fill in your Appname in the APPNAME_BUBBLE field (this is the name you see in the url next to id= when you edit your app). Make SURE its LOWERCAPS!!

  2. Fill in a 20 character password in the PASSWORD field (this will be used so only you can edit any sites you deploy. Never share this with anyone). Never change your password!.

  3. Go to settings and then domain/email. Uncheck Redirect all requests to the domain (only needed if you have a domain already assigned to the bubble app.