Key points

Why you should reach out

If you’re stuck, chances are others have gone through the same challenge. Chatting with people who have already gone through the process is a great way to learn fast and build confidence.

Everyone I talked to in this space was super open to sharing their learnings and giving suggestions! They all gave off an air of "we’re all in this together" which I thought was a brilliant mindset to have. After having these conversations, I am also planning to pass on this awesome torch (so feel free to reach out✌️)

How to reach out

Reaching out is a great way to learn, but only if it's done effectively. A lot of people fall into the trap of spending too much time on outreach and networking. The following are my recommendations for effective outreach:

  1. Focus your energy on identifying the people/organizations that can ACTUALLY help you.

  2. Remember that everyone is busy, so make sure you learn what you can before hopping onto a call. Try not to ask obvious questions that are available on their website, etc.

  3. When sending a cold email or hopping on a call, make sure you have a specific purpose and prepare questions

    An example cold email I sent