What is 3SP?

The STEM Student Scholars Program promotes excellence in knowledge, skills, and ability of a select group of STEM students to ensure their success in securing research internships and successful transfer to their targeted 4-year institution.




The program helps students gain valuable research skills, team-building attributes, leadership opportunities, and access to free mini-courses valuable across all STEM fields.

For a more detailed list of benefits, refer to this flyer.


STEM degree-seeking

Minimum 3.75 Cumulative GPA

Finished 12 college-level credits at BCC with no additional remediation required, including one STEM course


Attended one information session

Completed and submitted a 3SP application

Joined a 3SP Faculty Research Mentor’s project team for Summer I or Summer II internship

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Ongoing Requirements to remain in good standing

Maintaining a minimum 3.75 Cumulative GPA

Contributing member of the STEM Student Union club

Punctual and responsive to official 3SP communications

Working to complete 3SP Academic, Research, and Service Requirements

Successfully completed an on-campus 3SP Summer I or Summer II internship

If you want to know more about our projects —> Research Projects

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