Startups 101 is a course for you to learn to become a GREAT Startup Founder. Relative to your average college course, Startups 101 is 100x smaller. Instead of reading and being tested on memory, you are going to learn in order to do high level, high potential work. In Startups 101 there are no tests besides your ability to stay focused, and capture the massive potential in front of you.

While there are quick page to 2 page long information for you to learn, we will quickly get into the actual process of building and MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. (WOOH!) We focus on pairing reading material with the actual work and next steps you are undergoing in the process.

Do not be put back if this material is new to you that is natural. The only mindset you need to have is that you can get anything done you put your mind to. This is a job where you are being paid to build something of value that is ultimately valuable for yourself. The one thing we ask is you put your head down and focus on completing the tasks one by one. The only reason you can fail this job is not believing in yourself.

Here you are learning to operate the most valuable position in the world, and setting up your future and mind for greatness. You are doing that by actually creating a startup and following a process made by millionaires and with words of wisdom embedded here from billionaires.