Picking the Best Way to Get Involved

Watch our One-Minute Video about Hosting an Event and Starting a Chapter

How to Host an Event, not as part of a SODA chapter

How to Start a SODA Chapter

Your First Steps

First Steps Once You Decide to Host a One-Off Event with SODA

First Steps Once Approved as a SODA Chapter

Developing a Relationship with your OPO

Forming a Team

Finding Other Students to Join You

Creating a Positive Team Culture

Finding the Next Leaders

Education and Registration Initiatives

Planning a Semester of Events

Accessing Funding and Supplies

In-Person Education Events

In-Person Registration Drives

Virtual Organ Donation Education Events

Virtual Organ Donation Registration Events

[Personalized RegisterMe.org Links for Chapters](https://www.notion.so/Personalized-RegisterMe-org-Links-for-Chapters-59f3cfd39b7d4beb8a3102065e958712)