Below are the Digital Portfolios that represent the incredible work that each team accomplished during How to Change the World | Recovery Canada • August 2020.

Please take a little time to click on each team to open their full Portfolio and review their ideas!

Huge congratulations and thanks to all of the brilliant participants who worked together — across time zones and continents — over the course of their Learning Journey (17-21 August 2020).

Many sincere thanks also to the array of over seventy Teaching Team, Experts and Judges who offered guidance, expertise and support throughout!

Winning Teams with each Challenge

Best Overall

Most Implementable (Runner Up)

Most Creative (Runner Up)

Challenge 1

SDG #7 (Energy) in Inuvik, Canada

Team 1-A Design Portfolio

Team 1-B Digital Portfolio

Team 1-D: Flywheel Technology for Inuvik

Team 1-E - Inuvik's Energy Dependence

Team 1-F Digital Portfolio