SEEDS Commons

An organisation that connects SEEDS Global DHOs with the purpose of stewarding the health of our Ecosystem.

This organisation also acts as a meta-DHO that provides the organizational structure so that the ecosystem's common resources are managed with a win-win approach.

How it works

SEEDS Commons has three layers that support the SEEDS Ecosystem DHOs based on explicit agreements that define policies on the management of shared resources from the milestone funds. The Foundational Layer is defined by seedizens when approving milestone proposals from DHOs that want to become eligible. When a proposal is approved, this organization is authorized by the citizen community to elect an Internal Link and an External Link to represent DHO in SEEDS Commons.

Meta-Agreements define the agreements about how the agreements are being made. It is a document that can be viewed here and defines the basic processes for how to make decisions.

The Organizational Structure is dynamic and constantly changing. These are the roles and policies designed by members to express the purpose of SEEDS Commons.

This is how SEEDS Commons enables collaborative management of the ecosystem's common resources with a win-win approach.

What is a DHO in this context?

A DHO is a group of humans choosing to work together to express a clearly-stated evolutionary purpose. This organism has a defined membrane translated through a clear boundary between itself and the world.

It also uses collective decision-making processes rooted in decentralized governance.

DHO’s operate through a decentralized organizational structure (examples: circles, roles, etc…)

A DHO’s operations can be either on chain or off chain (DHO software, spreadsheets, notion,...)

The DHO Token is the expression of value flow created within the DHO.

Global DHOs are those who participated in the first cycle of SEEDS Commons.

Regional DHOs are those that are affiliated with a Global DHO.


Roles are agreements made between members of SEEDS Commons with the aim of making explicit what the expectations are about how the work will be carried out and what is the scope of authority of a person in energizing a particular role.

In SEEDS Commons there are two essential roles: Facilitator and Scribe.

An essential role can only be energized by one person.