<aside> 📌 Hello! Welcome to my Notion planner designed for Aspiring Solicitors ✨ I hope this planner helps you to stay inspired and organised 🥺 You can copy this entire template using the "duplicate" button in the top right corner, and it'll show up in your own notion. Feel free to add / amend / change the template as you wish. Wherever you see a yellow box with a 📌 these are my pointers for you 🤝


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🗣 Feedback Received

<aside> 📌 Develop the above bullet points more, so they're specific to you 🙂


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📈 My Notes

Watson Glaser Test

Interview Tips

Assessment Centre Tips

Vacation Scheme Tips

Commercial Awareness Diary


<aside> 📌 Remember to use the firm's website too! I found the firm's website the most useful source of information to use in your applications 🤝


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