SEALNet Project Philippines 2020: Breaking the Stigma on Mental Health; (SEALNet PP20) is an international project on mental health held virtually on December 12-23, 2020 followed by the sustainability plans for PP20 youth leaders and community outreach. The project aims to raise awareness of mental health as a foundation for suicide prevention by fostering a generation of leaders committed to service.

Our vision is to empower university students in Baguio city to break mental health stigma altogether through mental health advocacy from the project participants manifesting this to their communities. Our mission is to build awareness of suicide prevention among university students in Baguio, empower them with the spirit of being a servant leader, and instill them with advocacy mindset of ‘changes start from YOU’.


Project Philippines 2020 | SEALNet


SEALNet Project Philippines 2020: Breaking the Stigma on Mental Health;


Working on an international core team of 5, our team incorporated a very collaborative leadership style in which major decisions had to pass by the whole core team.

Working in SEALNet PP20 called for different skills as we had to be flexible and adjustment to the limited manpower. From being involved to recruitment to hosting events to facilitating trainings, our team grew to be versatile.

Public Relations & Design

As Public Relations & Design, I singlehandely created and designed all materials, handle the page's chat support, and crafted the recruitment, promotional, and campaigns for the page. At the end part, I handled 2 mentors as part of my Functional Team who I tasked to create a few publication materials through September.

Notable Achievements

Chat Support

I primarily handled the chat support. Remarkably, beyond inquiries about the project, we also receive help-seeking behaviors from people and referral-seeking. With this, I developed empathy skills and mental health first aid. While particularly challenging, we are able to accommodate all help-seeking.

Designs and Promotions

As mentioned, I designed all content and created promotional timelines.