"This art piece is made up of three interconnected pieces which are suspended with leather straps and attached to a metallic frame with bolts and nuts. The first piece, the base, is a simple clay sculpture made of rice hulls painted red and sitting on a wooden base. The rice hulls are held in place with some type of rope or cord that is pulled slightly past the surface of the water. As the rope is pulled further past the rice hull, sparks fly out of the sides and forms a metallic cross that is painted red. This piece serves as the base of the three-legged robot. As the rope is pulled past the cross, it creates an upward force that pulls the whole contraption forward. As the force builds up, the rumbling grows louder and the whole contraption whirls in the air. This form of animation is what makes the SEA WALL a living organism. As the thrashing speeds up and slows down, the rice hulls in the sculpture give way and separate into smaller pieces that float to the surface of the water.