Season 3 Objective: Become a world class Web3 learning platform by the end of the season. KR1: Perform a successful Public Launch at the end of month 1. KR2: Steadily release more content through to end of season: Lessons 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. KR3: Reach and maintain a customer satisfaction rating of ≥7/10, measured monthly.

Season Budget

Total: Per Month - 160k+220k+40k+30k=450k Per Season - 450k*3=1350kIn the most expensive case we will spend 450k per month, which is 90% of currently assigned budget.

Any remaining funding will be kept in the project treasury for future deployment by the Decider Squad.

Bonus For 5th Course: Bonus we receive from Grants Committee for shipping the 5th lesson this season is 297.8k33% of Bonus goes to Squad Members.33% of Bonus goes to Delegates, proportional to hours contributed.34% of Bonus goes to Coordinape in which everyone in the Academy can assign and receive GIVE.


Squads start within the DAO. These teams doing the work must detach themselves from legacy centralisations still within the DAO, leading by example for other teams to follow.

Delegates are specialists assigned to one-time or recurring responsibilities + tasks necessary for meeting the product vision. Delegates Assign themselves to squads (“I want to help”) or are recruited (“We need someone who can…”)

Decider Squad

S3-M1 Organization Objective: Create a more sustainable and efficient work model. KR1: Create a Kanban boards for Dev, Design, Product, Illustration, Writers. ✅ KR2: Create and publish bounties based on Kanban boards created. ✅ KR3: Create a system for delegates to report their worked hours. KR4: Clearly define project best practices in a Project Handbook for self-onboarding & team upkeep. KR5: Refine communication to the point where scheduled meetings are unnecessary. ✅ KR6: Create a system for core members to report their squads compensation. At the end of the month all Decider Squad would vote to confirm or revise the months distribution.