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Program Name: Guild Organizer Role Program - Season 1

Program Champion: jameswmontgomery.eth

OP Date: July 11, 2021

Status: Closed: Passed [Draft->Voting->Closed]

Voting Link: LINK


Program Justification:

Organizing & moderating weekly meetings is a task worthy of a formal role & compensation. Moreover, the guild requires representation in weekly Community Calls as well as general responsibility with regard to Notion, Discord, and as a reliable point of contact for internal & external affairs.

[read inspiration for “roles” methodology]

This labor is necessary for the continued organization of the guild and ultimately the progress of the DAO.

We must ratify a Guild Organizer role to handle these responsibilities and compensate it appropriately.

Program Terms

In order to ensure better meeting management, note taking, and information distribution, we propose a “Guild Organizer” role be created and funded.

The role would exist for a trial period lasting for Season 1 and require renewal or otherwise be more firmly instantiated.