Rutter is building a universal API for commerce platforms.

Similar to the financial market before Plaid, the e-commerce market is split across hundreds of platforms, such as Shopify, Squarespace, Amazon, and others. Each of these platforms has its own app store or its equivalent, and the enterprising e-commerce developer must spend thousands of hours building integrations in order to access the entire e-commerce market.

Rutter is an integration layer letting any e-commerce tool build one integration to access any storefront or marketplace. We do this by providing an abstract schema representing products, orders, and customers. With its support for 20 platforms and growing, Rutter cuts integration time down from 4 years to 2 weeks, helping e-commerce developers get to market faster and build world-class companies.

By joining Rutter, you'll receive a competitive salary and a meaningful equity stake in a product that is loved by customers, making money, and experiencing hyper-growth.

Rutter is a Series A company backed by a16z, having raised 29M to date.

We’re also backed by several industry leaders: Zachary Perret (CEO, Plaid), Charley Ma (GM Fintech, Alloy), Juan Santa Cruz (CRO, Modern Treasury), Bob Young (CEO, Red Hat) Ravi Parikh (CEO, Airplane), Joshua Ma (CTO, Airplane and Benchling), Comma Capital (David Ongchoco & Adarsh Bhatt**)**, Basis Set VenturesHaystackLiquid2the Chainsmokers (Mantis Capital), and Jim Lanzone (CEO, Yahoo).

The Mission

Rutter wants to enable new e-commerce experiences. We've seen an explosion of new software tools being built for merchants, and we know from our own experience building these tools that it is too hard to integrate with existing e-commerce platforms.

Today, the average e-commerce merchant uses 15-20 tools on top of their e-commerce platform of choice, from shipping software to marketing automation to generating returns and warranties. By making it easier to build these tools, Rutter will be at the center of a growing, massive market and aid the creation of new e-commerce tools and experiences.

The Team


Eric, Will, Danny, Phoebe, Brian, Wai, Taishi, Sagar, Frank, Wayde, Zev, Marko, Prathik, and Michael. A good portion of our team are YC alumni. Our team has built infrastructure and platform tooling at companies like Facebook, Blend, Instagram, Amazon, Amplitude, Scale, and Two Sigma.


Peter, Christine, Liz, Will, David, and Will. We’re YC alum and zero to one builders coming from companies like AnyRoad, Amplitude, Snowflake, and Clearbit.

Open Positions

Engineering and Product

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Product Engineer

Solutions Architect

Sales, Marketing and Customer Success

Sales Development Representative

Product Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Manager

Growth Marketing Manager (Demand Generation)

Customer Success Manager


Business Operations Manager


Technical Recruiter