The Rutgers Venture Cup is an competitive venture accelerator. Compete to raise the most funding from investor judges.*

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Students often come to us with the desire to learn more about what it's like to work in venture capital, what the job of a venture capitalist entails, and what it takes to get the job. We often respond with basic and often-repeated answers.

The problem is, words cannot provide the understanding that first-hand experience does.

We seek to bridge the gap of understanding by placing students at the helm of their own venture capital firms. As general partners of their own venture capital firms, students gain a top-down perspective of the necessities of venture firms, and with our catalog of resources, events, speakers, and panels, will be better equipped to handle careers in venture capital.


The Rutgers Venture Cup has teams of 3-5 students compete as General Partners (or GPs) for funding from a Limited Partner (LP). In order to best replicate the experience, we have partnered with the LP that we know best: the Rutgers Endowment Fund.

Teams will be tasked with undertaking the roles of an early stage venture capital fund, and fulfilling the tasks necessary for real venture capital firms to pitch to LPs.

🏁 Competition Details

  1. Form an Investment Thesis
  2. Source Startups
  3. Perform Due Diligence
  4. Valuation & Check Size
  5. Portfolio Support
  6. Presentation and Report

📚 Curriculum

What's a contest without guidance? We've arranged for a number of resources to help you out with succeeding at the contest.

RVC Venture Capital Hub

We've spent hours cultivating and creating several hours of resources around a curriculum designed to teach you about the venture capital industry from the inside and out. From videos about the venture capital industry to notes from experienced venture capitalists on how to pitch LPs, our curriculum will guide you through the entire process of creating a successful venture capital firm.