*We’ll update this doc as more info becomes available.

We’ve partnered with Unicef to help children, who have been impacted by the crossfire in Ukraine. We know everyone contributes in different ways, so feel free to join us in helping this cause. If you’re not able to or have already donated elsewhere, no worries. This is not for profit. Here is the link in case you need it.

For more donation options, see the following sections below: “How to donate...” and “How to Help.”

“To not say something is to stand with oppression and that is something I cannot live with. Let us all do our part.” -Arthur Castillo, Chili Piper

If you’ve been impacted:

We want to crowdsource knowledge of where people can relocate to. Please DM us with details on what you know. (Courtesy of Chili Piper)



What companies are doing:

How to donate and have your employer match 100% of your donation?

Log into the sites below with your google employee account, and search for recommended charities: RAZOM INC or Nova Ukraine.